Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Neelam Valley - Paradise on Earth

Neelum Vale lies on both sides of the river Neelum. The geographical features deepen the innate model of the Vale. Its alt, a mere 2,000 feet at the commence, gradually rises exchequer it attains a nice peak of 8,000 feet. On both sides there are peaky mountains and peaks. Nearly all the land wealth of Azad Kashmir is to be saved in this line of the Denote.
Neelum Valley is navicular by the Neelum river that flows in Azad Kashmir. Lengthways finished the Lesser Himalaya, the 200km Neelam River is Azad Kashmir's primary attracter. The Neelam river and a face vale, the Jagran Nala, are furnished with trout. Trails hybridize individual 4000m passes into the Kaghan Valley.