Thursday, 10 March 2011

Las Vegas

No need to tell anyone that Las Vegas is a place that must be seen and experienced at least once in a lifetime. There is no other place like the Sin City, where countless bars, casinos, hotels and shopping centres make you feel like in Disneyland for adults. Whether your ultimate experience will be gambling, partying or shopping, a great adventure and fun are guaranteed.

Sand Dunes of Death Valley

Death Valley National Park is one of the most unique places in the United States. Known for its extremes - it is the hottest, the driest and the lowest spot in the country, the park is also famed for its amazing sand dunes. Although the dunes cover only around 1% of the park's space, their extraordinary look scores 100% in the beauty contest of the USA most spectacular vistas.

Big Sur

Driving along the Big Sur coast is one of the most scenic road trips in the USA. Though it's only 90 miles long, the splendor packed into such a short distance is staggering. Beside having a stunning coastline, the region located in central California is fairly unspoiled, making it a perfect destination for cyclists, hikers, beach-addicts and all other types of outdoor lovers.

Fire Falls in Yosemite

Witnessing the Fire Falls in Yosemite Park is one of a kind experience because this natural phenomenon occurs only in February every year. So if you happen to be in the park in February, try to find the Horsetail Waterfalls set in the Yosemite Valley. The visual perception of a fire falls is created by the sun that illuminates the fall from behind. Don't worry if you don't manage to see this spectacular optical illusion though - the park itself is an absolutely marvelous place to visit anyways.

Na Pali Coast

The state of Hawaii is truly unique and Na Pali Coast is its precious jewel. Located along the northwest side of Kauai, the oldest inhabited Hawaiian island, the jaw-dropping coast is placed high on the must-be-seen list of the USA's wonders. The coast is best enjoyed when reached by hiking or boating. Picture-perfect Na Pali looks especially amazing when watched from a helicopter.

Golden Gate Bridge

Iconic, world-renowned and, above all, amazingly beautiful, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is another American spot worth travelling as far as to the southern edge of the country. The architectural marvel spanning the Golden Gate strait has become an internationally recognizable image of the city and, in fact, the entire nation.

Vatican City

One of the most interesting places to visit is the very touristy Vatican City. It is of course the location of the Catholic Church and the home of the Pope but religion and politics aside, it is an amazing place to see. From the most beautiful basilica in the world of St. Peters, to the incomparable Sistine Chapel, to the gorgeous St. Peters Square that revelers pack each week to listen to the Pope address his followers, to the ancient history and mystery of the most influential “entity” in the worlds history-the Vatican just has an aura about it that shouldn’t be missed.
Vatican City, officially State of the Vatican City, is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. At approximately 108 acres, it is the smallest independent state in the world. Vatican City is a non-hereditary, elected monarchy that is ruled by the Bishop of Rome — the Pope. The highest state functionaries are all clergymen of the Catholic Church. It is the sovereign territory of the Holy See and the location of the Apostolic Palace — the Pope’s official residence — and of much of the Roman Curia.